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SAPVITS is a standout amongst other SAP Online Training organizations to show magnificent SAP instruction. It has an involvement in SAP Training and SAP consulting for over 9+ years. We provide Individual and Corporate SAP Training. SAPVITS has branches in India (Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi), UK (London), and USA (New York), Singapore, Australia, Canada etc. We provide training for SAP Simple logistics modules. Also provides Server Access for all SAP modules. SAP Simple logistics at Vintage IT Solutions Training's.

SAP Simple Logistic Online Training

SAP Simple Logistics Training Introduction:

SAP Logistics is a one-stop solution for new-age Material Management, Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, and sales and distribution of associations with medium to the extensive framework. SAP Logistics is otherwise called SAP S4HANA Enterprise Management which incorporates every one of the modules the Finance as well as the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are available as a part of SAP S4HANA as a product and enterprise management is the total business road. SAP Logistics utilizes the information handling capacity of S4HANA to give more straightforward, quicker and more proficient ways to deal with logistics and supply chain issues.
SAP Logistics Training has large differences in the areas of Material management, production planning supply chain management, sales, and distribution.
Logistics not only gives general information on file management but also offers information such as data collection and intuitive reporting functions that were previously unavailable.
Logistics joins the ATP functionality of SAP ERP and SAP APO to immediately process the information required by a sales team for end-to-end visibility of customers’ orders, transportation, and delivery schedules.
Logistics gives complete clarity of different acquisition key performance signs, such as purchase values that run over budget and delivery delays for materials.

Why learn SAP S4HANA Logistics?

1. The practice and the system implementation can abruptly improve the system’s output throughput by transferring the data releases and decreased data Footprint.
2. A real advantage of SAP Logistics is developed scope of Reporting and Analysis, (planning required to move people and supplies to where they’re needed) Training, it helps real-time (information-giving numbers) at the bottom most level of granularity on most major transaction data without summing up all products.
3. Scalable Support is one of the main advantages, the training allows optimization of system view and it helps in decreasing the number of systems that have the ability and competency to obtain customer satisfaction with lower TCO.
4. Example of the biggest advantages of working SAP Logistics training and performing the system Business volume and sustenance stays over user productivity with good, role-based UIs, which helps business to expand and develop is improved user experience.

SAP Simple Logistics Training Overview:

  • SAP Simple Logistics Training as SAP S/4 HANA, is the next generation platform that is transforming business offering for SAP customers the program is based on the new type of database which is created by in-memory technology. 
  • There is a lot of restriction between computer tools and disk till now. Strong computing is finally a reality. This can step in advance technology, thus you’ll ne’er got for creating trade-offs. Broad and deep analysis or fast and simple reports you don’t have to decide with real-time analytics. 
  • Real-time uses have stimulated your core business processes that optimize your planning or scene your environment no problem. Analytics and applications are side by side on a single platform. 
  • Next, then in the further generation, SAP HANA platform converts your business into a proper business. This is in no way simple than SAP Simple Logistics Training. The important time business is that the chance to form your business choices easier, faster and a place in a proper way. 
  • SAP S/4 HANA is the next generation of ERP. In 2015 SAP announced the next big thing that was S/4 HANA itself. 


  • 24/7 access to SAP IDES Server 
  • Instructor Led online training sessions 
  • Training materials, Blogs 
  • Access to online recording archives 
  • Flexibility to pick the timetable on weekday or ends of the week 
  • Prepare contender for Interview 
  • Option to ask questions/questions/elucidations from the course content 
  • Assist hopefuls in Resume arrangement 

Training materials like PDF, PPT, and user guide on Online for SAP Simple Logistics

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